Who We Are

India's Fully Integrated Mobile Protection Company

Mcare is a Mumbai-based company, which provides Mobile Protection Plans. We are currently present all over India, enabling our mission to reduce unwarranted e-waste by creating a sustainable business that revolves around repair, refurbish and reuse.

What We Do

A Place Where We Repair Your Damaged Mobile

We are in business to save the planet! You might expect some ground-breaking revolution, but we simply focus on 3 R’s to save the planet. REPAIR. REFURBISH. REUSE.

Mission That Motivates Us
To reduce the unwarranted e-waste by creating a sustainable business which revolves around repair, refurbish and reuse.

We live By

About Our Founders

Here are our founders who lead our mission towards e-waste reduction.

Amit Sharma co-founder
Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma has over 15 years of experience in retailing as Vice President at Future Group. He has built the best of the teams to power retail marketing. He has launched stores with a lot of fanfare and attracted footfalls based on a unique brand philosophy and a mix of proven methods of Integrated Marketing, Buzz Marketing, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Events, and so on. He is a highly trusted leader who blends brand management with business development. Mr. Amit Sharma is a highly sought-after guru in the Indian retail sector and also is a visiting faculty at many top B-schools like S. P. Jain, IMT, BIMTECH, etc.

Chetan Singh Rathod co-founder
Chetan Singh Rathore

Chetan Singh Rathod is a dynamic leader with over the past 19 years of experience, who has propelled the company from a niche mobile accessory firm to the workforce solutions powerhouse it is today. His unwavering commitment has motivated him to make several bold decisions and fearless approach over the years that have changed the company's course and helped it become what it is today.

Board Of Advisors